*We are a registered Canadian charity.

*There is no charge to adopt a memory.

Funds collected contribute towards our goal of remembering and honouring the memory of children murdered in the Shoah.

Donations are graciously accepted and help offset our operating costs.

* There are three ways of donating: 

1. Cheques can be made payable to:
One More Candle, Inc.
Please contact us for address information

2.  E-transfer to;

3. Online through CanadaHelps:

Mathias Reed |

There is a fourth way to donate and that would be volunteering your time. 


There are many volunteer opportunities with One More Candle.

Some are:
1. Phoning – Introducing the program to new organizations, synagogues, and other faith communities
2. Phoning – Following up with organizations, synagogues, and other faith communities which are a part of One More Candle
3. Helping prepare a Zoom presentation about One More Candle and its importance
4. Managing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), responding and encouraging new Twitter followers to explore the website especially synagogues and JCCs

Please indicate which area you would like to volunteer.