Who We Are

In Spring 2017, a group of like-minded people began developing a program by which the memory of 1.5 million children who perished in the Shoah, could individually each be remembered by faith groups and synagogues.
Every Shoah victim has a name. Some names have not been said out loud by a person in over 75 years. One More Candle provides the opportunity to adopt a memory so that a murdered child has someone to remember that they lived, giving light to the darkness by saying his or her name out loud or by simply lighting just One More Candle every year.

We are a registered charity. While there is no charge to adopt a memory, donations are graciously accepted and help offset the costs of our website, printed material, and office supplies.

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” – Anne Frank

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Our Story

The opportunity to give form to memory shadows and the recognition of lives lived with joy and happiness who were torn from their futures, is what One More Candle is all about. The fact is that these children lived, loved the twinkle of stars, splashed in puddles, heard birds sing, smiled and laughed at dancing butterflies – and their light was extinguished by hatred, lies, and Xenophobic misconceptions.




This sunflower was grown from a seed from a packet of seeds that was given out by Tom Dugan at the play Wiesenthal.

Our Vision

As you can see, the foundation has been laid. Our vision, our hope, all depends on you. Simply stated, One More Candle needs each person to adopt a memory, a child to honor as though having been one of your own family.

There are traditional and creative ways to do so. You could light a candle yearly on the anniversary of their passing, say the child’s name out loud, say a prayer, go to synagogue, or you can do all four!

You may choose to honor the memory of your adopted child by doing a mitzvah: by feeding the poor, donating to the Yahrtzeit Fund at your synagogue or a charity of your choice, or doing a kindness for a stranger. There are many ways to do a mitzvah. There is no way that is more important than another.







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Our Values

As an organization, One More Candle (OMC) respectfully values the recognition of the interconnectedness of the past and the future in the support and caring of children.

From generation to generation.

With all the hurtfulness and hatefulness that seems to overwhelm our world, OMC gives each of us the opportunity to do something positive by recognizing a singular life that was lost and perhaps be able to stand up for those who are presently being sacrificed yet again in our world today.

One person can make a difference.

One More Candle proves that.

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Our Friends

We are grateful to our committed supporters for their efforts and contributions to One More Candle. Through our determination and your support, remembering the past can also help in educating present and future generations by the act of personal involvement. All it takes is just One More Candle.

We invite you to join One More Candle (OMC) by choosing to adopt a memory, and by sharing our website with others.


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