Our Friends

As the expression goes, “we get by with a little help from our friends”. In this respect, One More Candle is no different. We are sincerely thankful to our supporters. Through our determination and your support, remembering the past can also help in educating present and future generations by the act of personal involvement. All it takes is just One More Candle.

We invite synagogues, faith communities, families, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, and individuals to join One More Candle. By choosing to be part of our program, you keep the flame of memory alive for the 1.5 million children who cannot speak for themselves.


One More Candle in partnership with B’nai Brith Canada

Bridges for Peace

Bridges for Peace has partnered with One More Candle to promote this important effort and be an active part in Holocaust education. We encourage individuals to adopt the memory of children who perished in the Shoah, to learn about their lives that were tragically cut short, as well we encourage all adoptees to contribute financially to the important work of One More Candle. We look forward to promoting One More Candle through our online platforms and our many events across Canada.

The Haggadah Collective

The Haggadah Collective recently partnered with One More Candle, an initiative that has recently received a humanitarian award grant from B’nai Brith Canada. This organization is committed to remembering every one of the 1.5 million children murdered in the Holocaust. Simply put, they bring light to darkness.

By lighting a candle for one of the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust, you can help their name be remembered and honoured. Some of these names have never been said out loud for over 75 years. One More Candle gives you the opportunity to adopt a memory so that a murdered child has someone to remember that they lived and were loved and that their lives mattered. This can be done by saying their name out loud and saying Kaddish on their yahrzeit or by simply lighting just One More Candle every year on the anniversary of their death.

Shaarey Zedek Synagogue

We are extremely appreciative of Shaarey Zedek Synagogue in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They have graciously agreed to help promote One More Candle (OMC). SZ have accepted and are honouring the adoption of the memories of 397 children who were murdered in the Shoah. While there are 365 days in a year, the addition of Adar II, a leap month in the Hebrew calendar, expands occasionally to 397. Each one of their names will be said daily at minyan services for the year.

SZ is the first synagogue to support One More Candle. They have broken new ground in an interactive and intergenerational memory project.

We have synagogues throughout Canada and the United States committed to the memory of the 1.5 million children. We are always pleased to receive queries from synagogues, faith communities, and individuals throughout the world. One More Candle has provided each synagogue with a comprehensive list of the names to be said for each minyan that they have. 

Each child adopted by a member of SZ can add their adopted child’s name to their list of departed loved ones and receive a yahrtzeit reminder annually.

Tom Dugan

“OMC is a wonderful organization, offering a beautiful opportunity to connect the hearts of the living with those lost in the Shoah.”

Tom Dugan – playwright Wiesenthal