What You Can Do

You are offered the opportunity to adopt the memory of a child whose life was cut short by hubris and deep seated human evil. Your choice to adopt the memory of a child lost to this senseless lack of respect for humanity is so very doable.

Now you have the mitzvah of the adopted memory of a child. What can you do?

Please understand that taking action in order to bring light to the darkness is a personal choice. There are many ways, none are more right than others.

Light a Candle

After adopting the memory of a child, you are encouraged to light a candle on the yahrtzeit (the anniversary) of the child’s passing. Please add your adopted memory’s name to the yearly yahrtzeit list that your synagogue sends you. 

Lighting a candle in honor of those who have passed is a centuries old tradition in many faiths allowing expression for what we cannot communicate with words. With each candle, the life of a child who lived, and then perished, is remembered and honored. A single candle is a symbol of the human spirit and brings light to darkness.

Since the Hebrew calendar date changes yearly to the Gregorian calendar we encourage you to look at hebcal.com or call a synagogue.

Say Kaddish

Another way you can honor the memory of your adopted child is to a light a candle and say a prayer.

You may say Kaddish on the yahrtzeit of the child’s passing.

Reciting Kaddish is a mitzvah (blessing) and is a potent and meaningful act. Kaddish is a true act of kindness and has been an important part of Jewish mourning rituals for centuries.

Say the Name Out Loud with Kavanah

Give voice to the name by saying the name out loud with Kavanah (intention) or have the name of your adopted child read out at Shabbat synagogue services.

Kavanah is a concept that refers to one’s intention and concentration, directing the mind to the meaning of words uttered or the acts performed. Setting intention (Kavanah) lies at the heart of Jewish devotional life.

Do a Mitzvah

Mitzvot are good deeds, blessings, commandments. The gift of a mitzvah is more a gift to the giver than it is to the receiver.

You may choose to honor the memory of your adopted child by doing a mitzvah: by feeding the poor, donating to the Yahrtzeit Fund at your synagogue or a charity of your choice, or doing a kindness for a stranger. There are many ways to do a mitzvah. There is no way that is more important than another.

It’s said that one should perform as many mitzvot as there are seeds in a pomegranate.

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah

Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah symbolizes your coming of age and the beginning of life as a fully participating Jewish adult. You now can perform the important duties of Jewish life. With One More Candle, you have the opportunity to adopt the memory of a child who perished in the Shoah. Our hope is that you will commit to honoring the memory of your adopted child on their yahrzeit throughout your lifetime. You are also encouraged to research the Twinning Project through Yad Vashem.


Adopt a Memory Presentations

In the future we are planning to offer Adopt a Memory presentations for schools and faith communities.

This is a commitment of heart and spirit. Thank you for committing to honor the memory of a child. If at such point that you can no longer continue this blessing, please contact us at jacquie@onemorecandle.org and arrangements will be made for someone else to adopt the memory of your child.